Experience the sensible, dynamic approach and the passion, knowledge, resources, information, and tools of an expert coach, mediator, facilitator, and workshop leader who will assist you in making giant leaps away from destructive patterns and to creating a real life of possibilities.


Together we will form an alliance – collaboration: I give you seeds and help you water them– you need to nurture them.

Programs Encourage people to:


  • Surface their authentic selves and acknowledge their inherent treasures

  • Uncover their gifts and use them responsively, in high integrity ways to benefit themselves

  • Learn to listen to their inner voice and to trust the dignified voice of this inner advocate

  • Improve their interaction with others and increase communication skills

  • Eliminate tolerances and fears of relationships

  • Connect with their creativity, unique gifts, inner strengths and resources

  • Delve deeply into their own life to create awareness

  • Develop a body of knowledge and skills that are transportable across organizations, occupations, friends, relatives, lovers etc

Team up with Marcy Rich who:


  • Becomes your partner and experienced guide on your journey in defining a better future.

  • Masterfully guides you in your unending journey to uncover the vast multitudes of all your self.

  • Uniquely expands your awareness for fulfilling a passionate life.

  • Has insights that will inspire and empower you to new heights of personal effectiveness and relationship success.

  • Inspires you to make impressive major strides in personal discovery, mastery and success.





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