You Want To Know

Heightened Connections is a one stop resource for people who are serious about lighting their passion to realize their potential, want to take action, want to achieve results, and are inherently capable of making substantial positive changes with the right tools and guidance. We work in the realm of discovering and creating through our programs that are educational, creative, results oriented and based on both cutting edge techniques and information. 

Why the name, Heightened Connections?  


Well, I have a confession to make.  I am less than 60 inches in height.  All my life I have had to physically reach for what I want.  I soon learned I could redirect my ‘physical reaching’ resources and techniques into reaching the spiritual, emotional, and mental parts of my life.  It was then that my true growth occurred. 


Now I:


  • Embrace my continuous growth, learning and evolution

  • Value my communicative skills and intuition in reading people

  • Celebrate my introspection and awareness of my surroundings

  • Focus on behaviors as the key factor in achieving change

  • Thrive on my overwhelming spirit, passion and desire for personal happiness and ongoing personal development

  • Advocate laughter, joy, fun, celebration

  • Capitalize on my well diversified talents, skills, and experience.



About Marcy